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Drink eight glasses water a day keep your health

Drink eight glasses of water a day?

Most people believe that drinking eight glasses of water a day (2000cc) healthy. But in recent years, some foreign medical experts(ask me medical questions) research departments in different views. Many experts pointed out: not necessarily every day to drink eight glasses of water enough to drink too much water will cause trouble to the body.

These experts believe that: drink plenty of water and calorie intake, like, it should be how much, how much to add. There is no sufficient scientific evidence that drinking more water will be able to multi-detoxification, on the contrary, a person too much water to drink, but easy to make the body out of balance electrolytes (sodium, potassium great loss), water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C and B group) will be more easily lost.

So, How can we be too much or too little? The number of normal drinking water each day it is considered appropriate it?

Research pointed out: In general, the human body daily urine, sweat or skin such as loss of moisture evaporation is about 1800 ~ 2000cc, so people have always thought that healthy adults need to be supplemented 2000cc a day or so of water. 2000cc but not by drinking water available, but should be moisture inside the food were included, this is the correct method of health care.

In fact, we eat a variety of foods containing a lot of water. For example, most vegetables, fruits and more than 90% water, but, like eggs, fish, also has about 75% of the water. A rough estimate, we eat a meal, or at least can be food or soup intake to 300 ~ 400cc water. So, excluding meals by the food intake of 1000 ~ 1200cc of water, we drink every day as long as 1000 ~ 1200cc of water, an average of 2 cups morning and afternoon 2 cup also sufficient.

But we also should know: water demand is required to treat each person's environment (temperature, humidity), exercise, physical health status and food intake, etc. may be, there is no established standard value. Experts believe that the general principle of water should be: a day of not less than 500cc, but no more than 3000cc. However, some people do need to drink a little water, such as gout, kidney stones and patient. However, the specific number of drink, but also should follow the doctor's recommendations.
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